Glenelg Brochs

Nearby the village of Glenelg lies two Brochs called Dun Telve and Dun Trodden. These two structures are the quintessence of a fortified Scottish home.

There have been conflicting theories as to the function of a broch in a community. Some theorists are of the opinion it served as a security post for a typical Highland community but this has been spoken against due to the closeness of the two brochs to each other.

Others are of the opinion it was the home of the Lord at the time while serving as a meeting ground for the community. Both brochs are extremely favoured by tourists and is a must see when you come visit with us.

Eileen Donna Castle

This is without a doubt one of the most iconic castles in not just Scotland but in the United Kingdom. It is a Scottish favourite while being one of the most visited attractions by tourists who come to enjoy the experience of the Highlands. A first sighting of this castle makes you understand why it is a must-see for tourists. Its location is unique in the sense that it is ensconced in its own island which is the center point for three beautiful lochs. It looks over the Isle of Skye while shrouded around the great forests of Kintail.

Tourists are given the opportunity to explore this historical architectural wonder, examining the wealth of Jacobean artifacts and ancient but authentic furniture. Eileen Donan is truly a majestic castle to behold.

The Five Sisters of Kintail

These are five lovely peaks which are more than 3000 feet in height. They cover the entry point into Glen Shiel. The view they represent is impossibly beautiful. One of the most picturesque sights you will ever behold on this planet. This unique attraction has two vantage points; one is situated at Ratagan at the extreme end of the loch. To get to this location, you follow the route at the Glenfelg Ferry near the Shiel Bridge turning into the minor road after two kilometers. You will discover a few layers where you can get to view the mountains in their splendour.

Another even better alternative is to continue onwards on the Glenelg road which meanders through the sharp incline of Mam Ratagan. After a few minutes drive, you will see a splendid picnic area with incredible views overlooking the Five Sisters.


This is scenic location with breathtaking views cutting across the sea. It is situated at the end of the Ratagan Forest. The location is unique especially at night with the clear skies which makes the Milky Way visible with your bare eyes. There are more than twenty Munros dotting the surrounding area which makes Sarai the perfect location for mountain climbing. For the ideal fishing expedition, look no further than the beautiful Loch Duich. There are unique wildlife to see including migratory birds. Saraig is one location tourists visit on their trip to the Highlands.