We are renowned for our world class hospitality treatment. When you register with us, you are guaranteed the best treatment you can ever imagine on a tourism trip. Our food, drinks and accommodation are the best this side of the Highlands. Let us show how we care for you during your stay with us.


We have rooms which depict the Scottish Highkand style. Our bedrooms come in different shapes and sizes for your taste while being flexible for your pocket. Each bedroom is tastefully furnished en suite. With decorations of extremely high quality using the most preserved antique furniture representing the classical Victorian Era.

You are spoilt for choice when you choose us. Whether you want a King size or Queen sized bed, we have your options covered for a good night sleep. We also offer other options depending on your needs. There are single or double rooms for two friends taking a journey together or Family sized rooms for a holiday trip with your husband, wife and kids.

All our accommodation spots come with stunning views of the Scottish mountains and forests. Facilities are standard. Rooms are equipped with WiFi, Satellite TV, espresso machines, and fridge stocked with beverages including the best of a Scottish whiskey. King and Queen-sized bedrooms also come with a jacuzzi.

Food and Drinks

Kintail is a home to lots of nature preserves both in forestry, wildlife, and estuaries. This has given us a unique access to the best seafood cuisine in the whole of Britain. Our cuisine is inspired by the nature surrounding us while our ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. Meats are gotten from the deer in the woods while our fish is straight from the fishermen's nets. Enjoy the very best of Scottish cuisine alongside the best whine and whisky.